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We Owe Pursuit of Indefinite Life Extension to Our Ancestors

Posted: Sun, July 17, 2016 | By: MILE

Humanity has braved the weather many times over the millennia, surviving long enough to invent language, an earth shattering breakthrough in their time. Language to them was as big of a game changing breakthrough than the internet is to the world now. We pushed on through famines and wars, the cold, the heat, the wild. We figured out how to harness fire. We learned how to farm so we could live in greater abundance. That gave rise to more free time to invent and explore, and led us through progressions like the bronze and iron ages. This in turn enabled so many other things eventually leading up through times like the great industrial age. Humanity exponentially shifted a gear soon after, and moved on through the technology revolution.

The struggle and strife and hardship and toil that has been gone through to get us here is deeper than I can imagine. I try sometimes, as many of you might also, and its horrifying. The world is filled with graveyards; the soil is drenched in blood sweat and tears. The dreams realized and the dreams shattered echo across the millennia and eons. If we could have collected all the hardship on video to play it in a huge montage then I imagine it might kill us from strife. We owe this to them, we owe the creation of indefinite life spans to them. They have brought us through all that to this great cusp of destiny.

Humanity is a force to be reckoned with. There  are few things we can’t do when we work together. One person can do one year’s worth of work in one year, and one million people can do roughly one million years worth of work in one year, and it shows. When the going gets tough, humanity gets going. We sought out a new land, finding the Americas and then migrating here in droves to escape the persecution and tyranny of the times.

When some of the greatest physicists amongst us said we would never take flight there were always those amongst us who knew we would, and they were Wright.

When women needed rights the world didn’t sit back and forget about it, say it was too hard, and do nothing, humanity stepped into the fray, faced the challenge and won rights for women. 

When those amongst us chose to have slaves, we stepped into the long hard tough battle and the slaves were granted their freedom. 

When workers rights were in jeopardy we stepped up to the plate and formed the great trade unions that have brought fairness to those with less power. 

When the world was faced with Nazi take over, we stepped up to the challenge and stuck with it until we got the job done. 

When the moon lay at bay, challenging us with its wonders, we shot a rocket up to it. 

When our cells and genome lay in shrouds of darkness within us and many thought we would never know them, we did not shy away and think it was too hard, we rose up as a people and brought illumination to our entire code. 

We continue on. It is of our nature. 

It is because humanity has never known the  definition of impossible. There have always been those pioneers and supporting cast amongst us that have lived outside of the box and continuously pioneered the horizons as though they were boundary-less. 

Low and behold we continue to progress, building and opening up a greater and grander future for ourselves.

It springs forth from our spirit, we do not give up. Whether we know it or not, we all have the movement for indefinite life extensions premise, the MILE premise, within us. 

That premise that “we do not have to know we can get there to  go there but that we do have to go there to get there.”

We grab the baton, on the ground work that our  ancestors put down for us, with their blood coursing through our veins. All survivors blood is ours blood. They had to die for us to be here. They had to give us all that they did and then die so that we may have what we have. 

We don’t have what we have because it magically appeared here. We have it because they toiled and died for us to have it. We cannot pilfer it and waste the opportunity, we have to keep pioneering existence, we have to keep building, we have to keep pushing the boundaries, because that is the wage they earned. 

We are now moving on into the Transhuman era at ever accelerating speeds because of them. They gave us the time and now the time is ours. Now is the time to grab the bulls by the horns. The dreams of our forefathers rides on this, the dreams we have been gifted ride on this, our dreams ride on this, humanity rides on this. 

If we get this right then it means indefinite life. The universe and all of existence is riding on this. Our ancestors built this bridge across time and existence, where we stand now today; the project is in our hands. 

Pick up the shovel and help us go the distance with the movement for indefinite life extension to make this happen, we owe it to them. 

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