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Western Society Needs to Peacefully-But-Totally Isolate Itself from Islamic Society

Posted: Thu, May 30, 2013 | By: Religion / Atheism

by Mike Todd

The current policy of forcing Islamist Nations to embrace Western thought has failed epically. Nation after nation, trillions of dollars, many thousands of lives and the Islamist world still does not want to join Western Civilization.  That simple fact needs to be recognized.

this essay was previously published at Mike Todd’s blog, redwolfshall.com under the title 21st Century Foreign Policy Agenda For Western Nations”. It was also published by Transhumanity.net, under the same title HERE

How many times are we going to bring Islamist Nations “freedom”? Each and every one of these Nations vote for the most bizarre and socially bankrupt individuals in their own Islamist society.

Palestine had a free and clear election and voted for an Islamist society.

Egypt had a free and clear election and voted for an Islamist society.

Iraq has tried to have elections and they voted for an Islamist society.

Afghanistan had free elections and voted for an Islamist society.

Western Nations are feeding the flames of revolution in Syria and those freedom fighters will push for a more Islamist society, when they eventually take power. 

They want to live backwards and embrace Islamist society. The West needs to come to grips with this mentality and leave these people to their beliefs.

Islamist Nations have a right to exist; they have a right to live their lives as they deem fit. If they wish to live in an Islamist society, then that is what they should do. It is not the West’s jobs to judge these people by our own beliefs. It is also not the job of the West to enlighten these people. 

Islamist society has made many decisions on how they want to live their lives. 

A perfect example is Afghanistan; it fought two super powers and it has not changed from an Islamist society. Afghanistan in the 1960′s was an Industrialized Nation, with hospitals, infrastructure, and industry. Afghanistan was a Western Nation, but it’s people fought to change from Western thought. The USSR invaded Afghanistan to try to keep it from being an Islamist State and the USSR failed. After the 911 attacks the United States invaded Afghanistan; they have been there for a decade and folks, the Islamist State is still in control on the ground. Unless the West is prepared to kill each and every Afghan who wants an Islamist State, you are never going to change these people from their beliefs.

The Path Forward For The West

If Islamist Society wants to live by it’s own rules, the West needs to adapt to the reality and take the correct course of action so Western thought and Western Society can thrive, advance and live peacefully.

The West needs to rebuild and retool its infrastructure, education, technology, and way of life, without fear of terrorist attacks. We need a 21st century renaissance to advance Western people and our own beliefs and world view.

The list below is the best way for the Western World to move forward in Foreign Policy for 21st century:

War will not change Islamist Society.

Islamist Society cannot and will not negotiate a peaceful future.

Islamist Society will never be part of Western Society.

The West needs to isolate Nations who are part of Islamist Society.

If Islamists living in Western Nations want to live their lives by Islamist Society then they need to immigrate to Nations that are part of Islamist Society. Otherwise Islamists living in Western Nations need to abide by Western Law.

The West needs to end all purchasing from Islamist Nations and that includes and is not limited to oil.

The West needs to put a freeze on all sales of anything and I mean anything to Islamist Nations.

The West needs to end educational programs to residents of Islamist Nations.

The West needs to freeze all immigration from Islamist Nations. 

I am against isolation in most circumstances but Islamist Society demands it. 

Western Nations cannot continue to waste resources on a people who do not want to live in the same society as we do.

Islamist Society has the right to live their lives by how they deem fit but they do not get to live with the benefits of the Western Society that they fight against. 

At present, Islamist Society rallies against Western Society, while it’s elite live, purchase, and educate themselves via the hard work of Western Society.

Western Society will move forward and expand Western Thought for the benefit of Western Nations.


Really ... And what about minorities in these nations .. you want to just leave them to face their destiny there with fascists Islamist ? ... Don’t you know that the islamist president in Egypt wont the elections with 51% of votes ... so what are the 49 % going to do ... you know what ... we really don’t need that kind of western help which kept betraying us (secularists) every time by supporting Islamists before and after the revolution ...

By Diaa Sabri on May 30, 2013 at 1:04pm

My suggestion @Diaa would be to either get the vote out more in your particular region or look to immigrate to Muslim Nations that can exist in a Western World View. These kind of nations do exist.

As far as Eqypt, we have given that Nation a ton of money and what did it get the USA, a President with the IQ of a mole and in most circumstances I am insulting the Mole. I know that the USA has made mistakes but you have to be realistic, at some point, the money game is going to end and Islamists better adapt to that growing reality.

Mike Dodd

By Mike Dodd on May 30, 2013 at 2:58pm

Really refreshing and very different from all the politically correct and apologetic bullshit one is served constantly. I am always delighted when someone has the courage to call a spade a spade. However, I am a bit more optimistic about the future of Islamic states. In Iran, for instance, a revolution, and I expect it any day, would surely spell the end of Mullah-power, and once people in, say, Egypt, find out that Islamists cannot deliver what they promise, voters will turn on them in numbers.. - In other words, I find you guilty of “soft bigotry of low expectations”.

Ps. I’ve heard also, now that Obama is ending / recasting his war on terror, that The Afghan Taliban (“students”) agree that they will desist from throwing acid in the eyes of little girls who like school. They say that they will just shoot them in the future…

So, you see, there is “progress”... - ( Ok, not funny..)

By joern pallensen on May 30, 2013 at 5:06pm

Joern, that was a great post.

I am still laughing over being guilty of “soft bigotry of low expectations”

So many people have been trying to find a bigotry or racist part to this article and it is not their. The simple concept that Islamists have a right to exist and live by their own might and mane, is now unacceptable.

The West cannot afford the never ending war on terror, we need to move forward and rebuild our nations for the West future.

By Mike Dodd on May 30, 2013 at 7:48pm

Humour is liberating, isn’t it, and *muslims*, - some muslims that is, in fact many muslims, actually most muslims.., - one has to be careful with generalizations these days.., - don’t like humour all that much, or they don’t understand it, and of course are easily OFFENDED by humour, and Western leftist apologetics understand that, which of course makes anyone who dares to say what they REALLY think a bigot.. - I can assure you I detect not a thread of bigotry in your article, and it is a word I am sick of hearing and which I hardly ever use, but I am fond of that sentence too, which is why I used it. One is either optimistic or pessimistic, which of course has nothing at all to do with bigotry, so.. I am basically saying I think your analysis is too gloomy.

Courage for writing this article. Reading it was like breathing fresh air, and shame on the arrogant and self-righteous I-am-good-you-are-a-racict club..

By joern pallensen on May 31, 2013 at 8:32am

Well gentleman, this conversation enlightens my heart. In a time where young soldiers deaths are caused by an infection called `islamophobia´ in Europe and people get bombed for not following their `muslim-sensitive-courses´ in the US it simply sounds good.

About Afghanistan: the English commented back in 1845, that you can only exchange one devil for the other. So why do our gouvernments still pretend to understand of which party is qualified to be helped?

There seem to be a sad answer to that question: If we take Syria as an example, the east (Russia, Iran) provides weapons to Assad, the West helps out the rebells. Who gains?! Certain banks and industrials. The outcome does not matters, the longer the conflict, the more money is earned.

By Lanzahawk on May 31, 2013 at 10:03am

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