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What’s Your Anti-Aging Regimen?  Here’s Mine:

Posted: Wed, June 12, 2013 | By: Anti-Aging / Supplements

by Hank Pellissier

We can safely assume that if you’re reading this website you are seriously committed to living a very very long life. 

So my question is: what are the details of your specific superlongevity plan?  What is your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise regimen, your supplement intake?  How do you plan on surviving extensively or indefinitely?

Are you just waiting for technology to fix whatever disease you develop?  Do you anticipate being rescued by stem cells, nanotech, pharmaceuticals, bio-engineering?

Or… none of the above?  Not necessary because… you pay Alcor dues monthly and your back-up plan is to simply go into storage, until immortality is guaranteed?

ImmortalLife.info would like to know your personal plan. Put it in the Comment section below, please!

TO CONTINUE: It would be impolite for me to pester you, without sharing my own life-extending strategy - so here goes:

Basics:  I’m 60 years old, 6’ 2”, 175 pounds. Good health. My parents are also still very vigorous, at age 85.

Diet: I am presently reading a book, The China Study, that is finally persuading me to stop gobbling flesh. The book meticulously explains with abundant data why veganism is ultra-superior. 

I eat a huge salad daily, primarily because my grandmother, who lived to be 102 years old, did exactly the same. I am “gluten-free” because my wife is and she does most of the shopping. I am sure I eat 90% organic. I don’t drink alcohol except for that wee bit in Kombucha.

Exercise:  I am lucky because I actually enjoy exercise, and I have a wife to exercise with. I usually exercise 30-80 minutes a day, generally in the morning. I either swim for 40-50 minutes, run for 60-90 minutes, or lift weights 30-40 minutes. My favorite exercise is trail-running - on long shaded cool wild trails. I can do this in nearby Marin County, and my 25th wedding anniversary 1 week vacation will be trail-running in Yosemite.

Weakness: I have a crappy sense of balance and I am not the least bit limber. These flaws keep me from doing a lot of activities, that the rest of my family does - I refuse to ski, ice-skate, rollerblade, or take yoga classes. Additionally, I don’t really like sports. My daughters - 13 and 9 years old - always want to play soccer, basketball or volleyball, but it seems like those contests usually conclude in big arguments. I should work on flexibility, balance, and being less competitive.

Supplements: I don’t really like taking pills, I have trouble remembering, but recently I have successfully added one supplement to my daily life, and two others irregularly. Every day I take Product B - the anti-aging, telomere-enhancing pill developed by Dr. Bill Andrews, who is a hero to me because he ran a 138-mile ultramarathon in the Himalayas. I read all about TA-65, Product B, and Stem Code, and I decided that Product B was what I wanted, with Stem Code a close second.

Additionally, I sometimes take creatine, after exercise, and I have a big jar of Piracetam that I just haven’t gotten around to taking. 

Lifestyle: Sleeping is something I am not good at. I usually don’t sleep very long - maybe 5.5 hours, and it generally seems light, interrupted, and full of nightmares. I would like to meditate, and I used to, but I live with noisy people. I would categorize my stress level as about a 6 out of 10. 

Miscellaneous:  I know my DNA well, thanks to 23andMe.com. It says I am relatively immune from cancer, but at a higher-than-average risk of heart arrhythmia. My resting heart is very low though, about 50. 

To conclude, I am hoping that my fine genetics, regular exercise, Product B, and above-average diet will help me perhaps surpass my grandmother’s age, at least.  Of course, when a supplement better than Product B arrives, I’ll be swallowing it. I think Product A+ will arrive soon.

How about you?  Reveal Yourself!  Put your Comments, Criticisms, Health Recommendations Below:

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Eat lots of fatty meat and veggies.

Lift heavy things - really heavy things.

Get lots of sun.

Get lots of sleep.

Every once in a while run fast like your life depended on it.

By Carl on Jun 11, 2013 at 5:23pm

I walk 4-6 hours a day, I consume a minimum of 1 liter of organic silver needle white tea a day; up to three liters a day as a source of healthy polyphenols.  My diet consists primarily vegetarian and of course only organic certified or better. Due to the levels of arsenic, antibiotics content, and carcinogenic properties of meats, I only consume fish that has been cultured in aquaponics. I am ashamed to admit I eat a lot of wheat and I do intend to cut down when I’m ready to harvest from my second aeroponics system.

I practice cryotherapy and meditation and my heart rate during meditation ranges from 40-60 depending on how recently I’ve come from my walk and whether or not I’m drinking tea at the time. My cryotherapy frequency is once, sometimes twice a day (initially to reduce inflammation in the body from extended exercise), I only take extremely cold showers, at first it was excruciating but the rewards to one’s health in addition to how AMAZING I feel following and the eventual conditioning to the experience of cold has made it easy daily practice.

I have a polyphasic sleep cycle; I sleep for 2 hours at a time; every 5 hours, and yes, I reach REM immediately, polyphasic sleep is evidently the healthiest for your brain and body pertaining to the maximization of DMT production in the brain which is a neuroprotectant.  The correlation between synaptic density, plasticity and sleep schedules in infants was also of significance for my consideration of adopting this sleep cycle. The mechanism that makes one forget dreams seems to be nulled in such a pattern, and I remember almost every dream I have.

I don’t really get outside, I’m either working from home or school, running a myriad of websites and studying, so I turn to tanning beds for supplemental vitamin D production (but I’m not tan, I’m quite pale).

My plan for the future: I don’t intend to rely on anyone, I have backup plans (culturing and regenerative therapy), some are crude with the exception of my provisional patents in cryopreservation that negate the need for vitrification techniques thereby nullifying need for cryoprotectants; rendering tissues immediately redeemable as opposed to the presently irreparable toxic cryoprotectant laden frozen tissue cryopreservation methods in practice at most, maybe all institutions.

I’m currently majoring in Biomedical Engineering, I went back to school and began a new major in biomedical engineering in 2010 when I realized simple advocacy for longevity will most likely not do a thing for me.  I’m 24, I don’t get out much at all, and I see the light at the end of the long road, and that enjoying life to the maximum can wait for when I’m immortal.  I will either become immortal or I’ll die trying, almost every dollar I make is spent on my own health, education and making a healthy environment for myself and family.  90% of my thoughts are aimed at the innovation of regenerative therapies,

My dedication to life extension is absolute, no greater priority exists in my life, and I am in fact walking as I type this; reaching my 4th hour of exercise today.  I have more to say pertaining to my plans, diet and regenerative therapy methods, but this comment is already far too extensive.

By Jonathan on Jun 12, 2013 at 3:45pm

Hi Hank,
I suggest you add D and fish oil at the least to your supplement list, and you should probably read http://rawfoodsos.com/2010/07/07/the-china-study-fact-or-fallac/ for a counterpoint to the China Study.

By Jolly on Jun 12, 2013 at 4:05pm

Good advice, Jolly, and thanks for referring me to that anti-China Study article - I will read it tomorrow

Jonathon - could you run for 1 hour instead of walking for 4?  Seems like it would save time

By Giovanni Santostasi on Jun 12, 2013 at 10:43pm

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