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Who Are The Nudists? What Do They Want? (Poll Reveals the “Bare Truth”)

Posted: Sun, May 12, 2013 | By: Nudism

by Hank Pellissier

Who wants to be naked all the time? Who prefers to Not Wear Clothes? What are “naturists” really like? 

A survey conducted in Australia polled over 1,500 nudists, in a multitude of categories, in an attempt to expose the habits of this lifestyle, which appears to be somewhat secretive.

The poll revealed that in many ways, naturists are just exactly like everybody else.

But of course, in their preferred attire, they just aren’t.

The most surprising statistic in the survey - which is available HERE - has to do with public perception.

In answering the question, “How Does Society Perceive Nudists?”  - the naturists reported felling terrifically outcast. 38.8% believe society views them “Poorly” - 22.9% believes it is actually “Very Poorly” - and 17.3% see it as “Extremely Poor.”  That means approximately 80% of nudists feel their lifestyle is denigrated by in the public eye. Ouch!

Are they happy about society’s view of their chosen lifestyle? No, of course they’re not. 

74.7% of naturists polled thought they should work to try to change society’s perception of their lifestyle. 25.3% don’t believe society’s perception is worth bothering about.  

44% of nudists also stated that they were secretive about their clothing-free lifestyle; they didn’t tell anyone.

What do nudists like best about their lifestyle?  What’s their primary reason for seeking skin-only existence? “For Freedom” was the response of 40.5%. “For relaxation” was the second-highest reply, with 22%. “For friendly people” was checked by 7.3%, “for social interaction” merited 6.6%, and “It’s special” also netted 6.6%.

A slight majority of the nudists polled read nudist magazines - 59.9%. 

The favorite place to be nude was “at home” with 82%, followed by “at the beach” with 76%.

What inspired them to become naturists? “Curiosity” received the highest statistic, 28%, with “skinny-dipping” in second place with 23%.

In the “Hobbies” category, there’s really nothing the least bit unusual about nudist pastimes, other than the nudism itself. 46% of nudists said they enjoyed Camping, 27% said they enjoyed Watching Television, 27% enjoy Gardening, 38% like Computers, 35% find pleasure in Listening to Music. Tops is The Beach, with 54%.

Exercise? Not surprisingly, Swimming is appreciated by 40% of the nudists polled, topped only by Walking with 52%. The only enjoyed sport that struck me as surprising was Fishing, favored by 24% of nudists. That rather terrified me, imagining rogue hooks sinking into dangling body parts.

The majority of nudists earn middle incomes, between $45,000-$105,000 annually.

The top occupation of nudists was, well, it wasn’t anything really. The most popular category in that listing was “Pensioner, Retired, Unemployed” with 17%, followed by Self-Employed at 8%, and Government at 7%.

Religion? 44.6% of those surveyed identified themselves as Christian, 20% as Atheist, 9.6% as Agnostic, and 19.4% as “Other.”

The average age of nudists surveyed was 48, and the vast majority were males.

The majority of the respondents in this Australian were from New South Wales, VIctoria, and Queensland.

Paul Brown, one of the primary instigators of the survey, sent me an email explaining the poll’s purpose, and his general opinion of naturism in Australia: 

 “The survey itself was created to fill a vacuum of information. [one of our goals is] to approach the Australian Parliament to have our rights observed. Currently naturism in Australia… we have seen very little forward movement in decades. In fact, I would suggest that we have gone backwards, particularly since child protection made people afraid to raise their kids as nudists, and pretty much put an end to “family” naturism.

…naturists in Australia… are fearful of being ‘identified’ and outed, believing that this will impact on relationships and even their employment… They don’t want to put their name on anything to do with naturism, believing that this will somehow lead to exposure (unwanted)…naturists in Australia are constantly demanding more facilities, more access to beaches, more opportunities to socialise, and more acceptance from our society. But when you ask them to stand up and do something, suddenly there is nobody there… It is very frustrating. There are a few passionate individuals working tirelessly to make change, and about 13% of our population are supportive. The other 87% I have no idea about…”

I am wondering, are Australia’s naturism statistics similar to other nations? Or is there wide variability in answers, depending on where you’re from?

I’m just guessing, but I imagine that there is the most societal acceptance of nudism in Latin countries, like Spain, Brazil, and Uruguay. Am I deeply mistaken about this?

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I agree with all of that survey. Ive been a avid nudist for 32 years. I am now 50 years old and wouldnt change a thing. I work.rest and play naked. I do wish nudism in aust was more open instead of being so quiet. Come on aussies wheres the spirit. This is the land of the free. The anthem says so…..

By Nudistmick on May 28, 2013 at 7:44pm

I’ve been a naturist all of my 62 years, I know I am as ‘normal’ as just about everyone else. There are some really ‘sick’ people in society generally so I think there’s more to worry about than wondering if naturism is ‘normal’?.

By Patrick Thompson on Jun 14, 2013 at 2:00am

  I have been a nudist since age 14,. All my friends and family are cool with it.

By Douglas Mccarty on Jun 14, 2013 at 7:40pm

When i have to wear clothing I usually wear a tee shirt that says “I am a nudist”

By Douglas Mccarty on Jun 16, 2013 at 12:36pm

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By Alessandro on Jun 25, 2013 at 2:18pm

This approach, which a little ridiculous to Spain, the country with more kilometers of nude beaches in Europe, with hotels, campsites, nudists. Attended installations, urban naturist clubs in cities a very common pracitica!

By Iñaki Alonos on Jan 19, 2014 at 8:38am

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