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Who are you to scoff at life?

Posted: Tue, February 18, 2014 | By: MILE

Who are you to scoff at life? Sloth is not a virtue, and it does not only apply to physical work, it applies to mental work just as much if not more. Now, every person does not have an aptitude for everything, or even most things, but almost every person has an aptitude for something - can do something -and can do it to the best of their ability. 

Almost every skill, meager or great, can and must contribute to indefinite life extension. If the only thing that you are really good at is dusting, then dust the halls of indefinite life extension expedition, keep them clean so that the rest of the workers may sneeze less, have less germs to worry about, and have cleaner areas for increased peace of mind. Your contribution will not be forgotten, you will be counted and celebrated along with the whole in the ultimate victory. From wherever you are in life, if you cannot do science, then spread urgency and message. If you cannot spread the message then help set the stages and clear obstacles. In this great expedition, which must be completed in a timely fashion, there are tasks for everybody.

What is life? Life is the opportunity to know and experience the big picture of existence. The big picture: yourself, town, state, world, galaxy, universe, everything.  It’s hard to say that even the universe is the totality of what there is to this existence, given our as of yet limited perspective. We like to call the potential totality of everything the eterniverse. The eterniverse… everything, every last particle and concept of existence, every last drop. Or maybe, rather, every potentially infinite drop, the potentially unimaginable scales and dynamics of each, and more. 

We sum it up in a simple index called Existences Big Picture Big 8 Categories and Standalone Opportunities. That is, to know: 

-The nature of existence, like if there are infinities or not, the nature of particle physics and the level of its depths, what other senses there may be, what other dimensions might exist, and so on. 

– If there is a god, gods, no god, or something else 

– How we got here

– How the universe got there 

– What all else is out there, like hover ability, light speed, aliens, dimensions and so forth 

– All forms and extents of pleasures that we currently know about and ones that we are yet to discover; for example, some people have died never having tasted chocolate. What other kinds of “chocolates” await us? 

– The fulfillment of all goals that a person wants and comes to want. There is a lot of stuff to do. Make a list of goals you would like to achieve if you could. Then when those are achieved, when situations change, when new technologies and insights come about, make another list of goals you would like to achieve if you could, and so on. The number of goals a person can want and have with the right conditions are seemingly endless.  

– And movement in the direction of the universal quelling of destructive fallacy. 

To die in the face of these things is unimaginable. That seems to be a pretty good summation of the ultimate hell. To be taunted, mocked with the thoughts and realities of what we might have known, of the experiences we might have partaken in… Death is a great dungeon with a cosmic party going on just outside the hate dripping stone walls of unacceptable and senseless cruelty.  I never got to play Chinese checkers with Benjamin Franklin at Cape Horn, he died in that dungeon. We never got to hear a great modern state of the world address by Trajan, he died in that dungeon. Heloise will never write a moving screenplay, her skeleton rotted away shackled to that wall. 

Every life is like a separate universe, the knowledge and perspectives that each person gathers during his or her lifetime is unique and precious. Death is decay and suffering, pure and simple – standing by and letting it happen to people is pure cruelty. We no longer live in the dark ages or prehistoric times; our societies are evolving and so must our mindsets. Stopping diseases like aging and various forms of death is paramount to our continued evolution. Every child grows up re-learning everything about the world, with limited tools, and is snuffed out before they get even to contemplate many of the next advancements and tools that they could have wielded, that would have freed them to the glorious next levels. 

What old rabbit wouldn’t jump out of its cage if the door were to finally be left open? Aging, other diseases, and death in general are like boulders and landslides littering the path of our evolution. What city or rural area chooses to go with dirt roads? What interstate landslide is left where it is? Short lifespan is ridiculous, aging and death shut down our opportunities. 

People are expected to flower through school and college to be cast out into life, finding that they are already deemed too old for things like gymnastics and singing. A career based on looks like modeling or film is quickly dwindling, even though being fresh out of college, you just got here. Enhancement is coming, so the person that wants to do gymnastics later in life, but was robbed by not having enough time to start at a young age, can have the opportunity, but aging and death take those opportunities away. All this while we are pressured into mating dances while we are busy in the prime of our lives, that can so often turn into frantic races against time and biological clocks.  

How many children don’t know their grandparents? Shame on death and aging, and shame on those who are too lazy to do anything about it. Many grandparents are already dead for the grandchildren, others are too sick or mentally weak to even get to know properly. Our dear great grandmothers and grandfathers, how we’ve longed to meet you. How the sight and memory of your gravestones pierce our hearts like a bitter spear. 

Just when we begin to understand this wondrous life, we are forced into the ground. You work hard to climb up to the top, where you’re shot down. 

We are upset about the loss of things like frescoes that tell us about people of other times, or the contents of tombs that have long been looted, that could have told us about the people. And we are upset rightly so. But there is little outrage or longing to have the people themselves back. Frescoes and gold containers and beaded trinkets can be fascinating and deeply insightful, but those lives, those times and sagas they represent, that one-time-flesh standing here beneath this great sun, now vanquished into dust and scattered on the winds, that’s what we need back most of all. That loss is the greatest tragedy. 

Families, parents, grandparents, feeling the weight of time, pressure the youth in their tribes to hurry up and succeed, to fit in and conform and eke out a basic success of life. If you ignore them while you are building your life the way you want it, then you come back a decade down the road and they are already withered 5 more shades of gray into the grave. Injured and abused by aging, some of them are already lost and gone forever. We don’t even have time to succeed for our families, and they don’t even have time to let you explore life and settle in to the right places before you buckle in and reap gains. Its horrific, like Auschwitz inmates that could be mastering the elements and helping get to the stars, who are forced to try to enjoy themselves by playing cards and singing when they can in the intermittent times of their bleak conditions, before they are tortured all the way into their graves.

The stress of death is crippling, it’s everywhere. There isn’t only post traumatic stress, there is pre traumatic stress, rotting and vandalizing the pathways in the minds of the world before the grim reapers even knock on their and their friends and families doors. 

Maintaining life is healthy, allowing its decay is sick. Allowing death is weakness, supporting it is strength. Be strong. Be responsible. That is, be able to respond to the necessary things. When your response is required, be able to respond. Enable yourself to be able to respond to death. Think and read about it. Think this stuff through. Join the movement for indefinite life extension where we collectively spread the word for reasons like these. 

by Violet Karkucinska and Eric Schulke


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