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Why You Will Want to be Immortal

Posted: Tue, May 28, 2013 | By: Indefinite Life Extension

by Glyn Taylor

Many people currently say that, should immortality become possible, they would not want it. This is a response to those people. We explain here why people do actually want to be immortal, and why they just don’t know it yet.

(this essay first appeared at Glyn’s blog, Thats Really Possible, HERE)

Why people think they will not want to be immortal 

In our main information page about immortality, we explain how immortality will likely be achieved within 35 years. The majority of people though, are not aware that we are so close to such a breakthrough. Currently, we spend our lives with our end in sight, and we have mastered how to come to terms with our ‘inevitable demise’. Some of us find peace in believing there will be an afterlife, others believe in reincarnation, and others just see it as an eternal peaceful sleep.

Perceived tiredness of life

With our end in sight, consciously, subconsciously and physically we grow tired, and convince ourselves that death is a good thing because eventually there will come a time when we are warn out. I propose that the mental tiring of life, only happens because we see our life expectancy as only being 70-80 years.

For example, if you were on a 2 hour plane journey, when your plane lands, if you were told that you had to now do that journey another 10 times before you get off, you would be devastated; you would likely say “no way, just take me home”. Yet, on a 20 hour plane journey, after 2 hours, you will barely be tired or bored, you would still be settling in.

The point is, on a journey, we subconsciously set the endpoint and map our entire thinking around that timeframe. This is partly why older people are more likely than younger people to say they do not want immortality. Older people have spent more time coming to terms with death and mapping their thinking around its approach.

Actual tiredness of ‘life’

I have wrote ‘life’ like this, because what I am actually talking about is repetition. People see the repetitions of their current lives as the be all and end all of what life is. This is not the case. The future is full of infinite changes, we will talk about this more later. People often say that they will not like to live forever because, for example “I will have to do the dishes FOREVER?”, or “I will have to do my job FOREVER?”. Nobody would want to live forever if nothing ever changed. But that is not our future. This is another reason why older people are more likely to not want to live forever; they are more tired of routine than most of us.

Physical tiredness

Again another reason why older people more often say they would not like to live forever is because their bodies have become tired. If you ask them if they would like to have the body they had when they were 20, they would jump with a yes. And with that body, I’m sure they will not like to die as soon as they did when they were in their old bodies. In the near future, our bodies will be forever young.

The world will only get worse

I have often seen, in comments for articles about immortality, people saying that they won’t want to live in our “evil world” forever. They basically say that the world is destined to fail, that we are simply damaging our planet and don’t deserve to live on it. This is of course due the pessimism. All I can say is, it is up to you to create the future you want to see.

People’s often first reaction when thinking about immortality is saying that we will overpopulate. This is untrue. You can read why in our article about why overpopulation will not happen.

The heartache of lost loved ones

This very much relates to people coming to terms with their impending deaths. They have it set as a possibility (or certainty, if they subscribe to certain religions) that when they die, they will be reunited with lost loved ones. They perceive the heartache as being something that they could not forever live with, but they actually just think that because of the ‘perceived tiredness’, as spoked about above. I say, why want to leave other loved ones that are still alive? You will simply cast your suffering onto others. We can end that suffering for new generations.

Why you want to be immortal

If you are reading this already knowing that you want to become immortal, you are most likely below the age of 40. You will probably already know that our future is a wondrous place. You are a motivated person, who loves life and wants to not only live it, but to contribute to it’s improvement.

If you do not want to be immortal, then I believe it is for the reasons explained above. And you simply do not yet know the possibility that the future holds. The reason you want to be immortal, but might not yet know it, is because of these possibilities. There is an infinite list of possibility. Who does not really want to find out what those possibilities are? And find out in a body that never grows old? We can travel to other planets and find other life. We could find our creator and the reason for our existence.  Your absolute paradise could become a reality.

Remember, immortality doesn’t mean you need to live forever, just that you don’t need to have your life taken from you by your aging body.

What do you think?

Do you want to become immortal? Please comment below with your thoughts.


There is also the reason of seeing nature disasters and the end of earth after many many years, and ultimately clash of galaxies (but this is even to far away for imortality I think).
I want the wisdom that can be gained with imortality. But will future generations feel the joy of being imortal? I think not, it will be only the “regular nature”.
Another thing, in the immortal state, loosing a life will bring even much more sorrow I believe.

By romo on May 28, 2013 at 2:39pm

Well, um, yes, obviously. Any other answer is just obviously insane.

By Ian on May 29, 2013 at 10:04pm

Yes, I want to be immortal. I’m curious as to whether or not true immortality is possible. Even if we learn to live indefinitely, the end will approach us in billions of years when the universe is dying.

To live truly “forever,” rather than just indefinitely, we must, between now and then, not only discover how to perpetuate our own lives, but the life of the universe as well.

Imagine the pain of dying with the universe after having spent 20 billion years living as a community of “eternal” beings.


By Eric on May 30, 2013 at 4:18pm

i completely agree what you stated in the picture. This century is a turning point for people wanting to be immortal. it will not be for everyone. it will cost huge amount of money that only the 1 percent would have. it require you to sacrifice the traditional way of life and be extremely discipline to make it as the only goal in the limited time you have LEFT. every second not contributing to learning, accumulating wealth and creating the necessary connection is the time wasted. USE MONEY TO BUY TIME is what i strive for.

By rey on Nov 21, 2013 at 11:41pm

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