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From Repeace’s: 2013 REPEACE USA official release

From Repeace: 
Published on Aug 8, 2013

Repeace wants to unite all humans in a global pro-accountability/anti corruption virtual movement behind 3 simple empowering pledges:

1. I will support businesses that focus on local, sustainable, quality products and services, not on buying influence.

2. I will support politicians who are accountable to me, not to corporations.

3. I will support countries that promote and defend freedom of expression.

August 8th marks the official launch of Repeace. Repeace is a 5 years project of global empowerment based on an alternative vision of peace, which is reflected in the streets of many cities and revolutions. In the interpretation of Repeace, this global uprising is an evolved and matured expression of pacifism, a reaction to a new, total and threatening new expression of “wars”.

It’s possible that peace has been misunderstood and interpreted inconsistently and ineffectively by many organizations. Is Peace the anti war, the non violent component of protests and activism? Or again, is it the presence of love and compassion?

Repeace wishes to mobilize all activists behind the principle that peace is the absence of fear and all activists realize peace because they identify with the suffering of victims of abuse, including the environment, oceans, animals, seeds or in a wider context ideals like justice, equality, freedom. This is not the only novelty or idea behind the Repeace approach, but a reason enough to achieve a new source of unity and produce huge social leverage.

Behind 3 permanent online protests, tailored for each nation, Repeace wishes to mobilize the attention of all current movements. Every single person can join in 3 minutes and his voice is counted. 

Upon reach of critical mass the counters will function as a petition aimed at both entities of institutionalized corruption, politicians and businesses. The clear message “we want you both to become accountable” is the literal translation of an anti corruption movement. Repeace could gather an incredible amount of people of all walks of life and offer an incentive to businesses and politicians for backing off of current unacceptable bribing practices.

Repeace was developed and built as grassroots movement on Facebook and through the dedication of a few people. Please embrace this idea if you identify with the vision and the plan of action and build a human Tsunami movement, assertive, peaceful pro accountability.